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RISC-V双周简报 (2017-06-21)

  1. RV32E support for GNU toolchain/Qemu
  2. Compatibily test group formed

    Hi everyone,

    based on the last RISC-V workshop in Shanghai, a new task group aiming at creating compliance test suite for RISC-V implementations was formed. As a chair of this group, I would like to invite you to participate. The main goals of this group for now are these:

    to define the form of formal specification for compliance tests, to define organization of files and versioning, to define the form of tests themselves, to define suitable coverage metrics for tests, to clearly distinguish between verification vs. compliance. If you are willing to help us with these goals, do not hesitate to contact me or request the membership of Compliance TG.

    by Marcela Zachariasova …

  3. lowRISC minion-v0.4 tutorial is online.
  4. Pulpino v2 news
    • Frank在pulpino的mailing list里公布了Pulpino v2的一些细节,预计八月会发布。
  5. glibc port1 submitted to upstream

    I just submitted a glibc patch set to the upstream mailing list, and pending the code reviews I hope we will make it upstream by the 2.26 release slated for early August. Darius, Andrew and I have offered to be maintainers of the port.

    We currently also have Linux patches in progress, which have been progressing well. I hope we’ll be able to make it into the 4.14 release, though 4.13 might still be a possibility. With any luck I’ll be able to get through another round of code review in the next week or so and then we’ll see how well we’re doing.

  6. Linux being upstreamed
  7. Sodor update progress in GSoC
    • Google summer of code里,有一个project来自Fossi Foundation. Kritik 和他的mentor Stefan & Chris正在把教育用的Sodor更新到最新版。
  8. Blog about chisel
    • 一个关於chisel的blog,有在学chisel的可以参考。

Interesting technical discussion

  1. Cache maintenance instruction
    • 很多人正在讨论RISC-V要不要有特定的Cache Instructions,有人认为可以不用,用syscall就好,而且使用cache instruction 會太 implementation-specific。 但也有人看法不同。Mailing list里正在激烈的讨论。

Marketing Update

  1. Trace support for RISC-V from UltraSoC and IP vendors
  2. RISC-V implementation considerations at DAC 2017
  3. Ada on RISC-V core

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